Secure your WordPress site before 👽 hackers can exploit a vulnerability to hack you.

Get alerts ⚡️ of a new WordPress release within seconds via email / push notifications / webhooks

💰 $4.95 / month


WordPress security releases are critical updates that need to be applied to WordPress installs ASAP.

But a WordPress install can take up to 12 hours to detect there is an update available. That's how long your WordPress installs are left vulnerable.

I like to patch my WordPress installs at the earliestI also like to be the one to bring this news to clients / colleagues & then proactively update client WordPress installs, which makes them happy & makes me look good! 😎
So, I built this tool for myself. I get to know about the latest WordPress release before most of the internet. Pretty cool, eh?

I plan to use it to further build a small system which can inform WordPress installs & trigger auto upgrades right away, if this catches up.

Similarly, you can use it to build your systems via web-hooks integration to react when a new WordPress release it out. For a small $5 one-time fee, with enough people, it should pay up for its maintenance.

And if enough people like it, may be I can build this for other platforms as well.

Let's build something! 😄


Q: How does webhook work?

A GET request with a parameter ?version=4.8.2 added to your specified URL would be sent.

Q: How does it work within seconds?

A Node.js micro-service ⚙️ periodically monitors the latest WordPress version and as soon as it detects a new WordPress release, it asynchronously fires away email using Mailgun, push notifications using OneSignal & webhooks request.

Q: Do you plan to add alerts for more software / platforms?

Sure! As soon as I get 100 users 👨‍💻, I will start adding more platforms. Tell me what you want.

Q: How did you build this? #Engineering #Architecture

I plan to share the details soon, follow me on Twitter.


Ask away your questions on Twitter ➭ @ashfame.